New Year, New Host, New Features

Posted: January 2, 2008 in Computers

Well, as most of you have no doubt noticed over the past week or two, this blog has been down, along with all other sites that I have a hand in hosting.  Basically, the old servers crashed, best I can tell.  I tried working with the host, filed several trouble tickets, and got basically nowhere.  So, I decided that combined with the SQL server being tempramental at times, the time not being set right on the server, etc, that it was time to get a new host.

After nearly a week of the old host being down, they have finally come back up, and I am currently working on getting all old files from the old servers, and moving them over here. (home to Energy 87.9) is back up and running, and the blog is also back up. is slightly more complex (more tables, bigger database) so it might be another day or so before it is back up and running.

Also, you might notice some changes.  First off, yes, as of right now you are being redirected to  This is due to the way things are setup at the moment, and might change as I am not sure how I feel about redirecting.  But with that change, we have finally been able to upgrade WordPress to the newer version.  With that brings several changes, mostly backend, but for one there is now a post calender, tags, and more fun stuff on the right hand side of the screen.

In addition, you now have the ability, through each post, to share it with whatever social network you choose.  Just click on “Share this” within any post, and a list of custom generated links opens right in your browser. 

We hope this new host, works out well for us in the future, and due to being on what appears to be better and more up to date servers, I hope to bring you all kinds of new features, along with the same boring drivel you know and love!


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