4 years of nonsense (and a few informative stuff in there too)

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Personal

Well, without realizing it, probably because I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off all over the metro (litterally every corner at this point), this blog is now 4 years old.  Go ahead, look down and to your right.  Yup, first post was made on 2.4.2004. 

It is interesting to look back at what was important to me back then, and what is important to me now.  Sure, there was a crazy post in there (well quite a few from back in 04, but thats how we grow, right?).  As a matter of fact, it is going back and looking at those posts that helped me to deal with it differently when this same person and I had a simular blow out back in 2007.  I’d say (and she would likely disagree, but you can’t change everyone’s mind) that I not only handled it better, but was a tad bit more mature about it.  Sure, I still said some things I regreted, but when your told you’ll never make it on your own for a dumb reason, well you tend to get upset especially when you hold that person with such a high regard.  Wherever she is, I hope she has found that happiness and is more calm and content than she was 8 months ago, and certainly wish her luck on her future endeavours.

Anyway, I digressed, and didn’t want to get into that again (but its hard not to when your looking back!).  The original intent of this post was simply to thank you all for reading this mediocrity.  I hope you have had as much fun watching me grow as I have writing about it.  Where will I be another 4 years from now?


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