Two really good interviews this week…

Posted: March 5, 2008 in Work

So, I had a second interview with a company in Eden Praire that I really liked (location, people, pay everything).  The interview was with the IT director, and it seemed to go very well, so I am thinking that a job offer is right around the corner from them.

But, here’s the problem, I had a second interview with a company in Brooklyn Center that has stated they will give me an answer either way in the next 24 hours.  The pay on this one starts out a little lower, but within a year it ends out much higher.  Money is not the deciding factor for me, but getting a job sometime in the next few weeks most certainly IS.  I can tell I would be much happier at the job that pays less, but if this other job makes me an offer first, I most certainily don’t want to turn it down and risk another two months searching.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near desperate, but after 15 or so interviews, it starts to get a little exhausting, not to mention the sooner I get a job the sooner I can move out on my own, and the sooner I can start moving forward again.

So, I called the other company to let them know of this other impending offer, politely told them that I am not trying to put any un-needed pressure on them, but that I would much rather work for them, and asked them to give me a call back to discuss how likely I am to actually get the job.

Not only does sitting around all day get boring, but driving all over the metro for interview after interview gets tiresome, and I want to start moving my career forward, know what I mean?


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