After all that has happened…..

Posted: March 16, 2008 in Friends

Why do I still care?  Why do you enter my thoughts and my dreams?  Why do I keep dreaming that we have reconciled our differences?

But most of all, why do I feel as if I should try for that?  Is it all the good times we have had?  Just because someone has a bad period of time, even and especially if they cannot be 100% in control of the issues surrounding it, why must things come to a complete end and cutoff?  Didn’t we both think at one time we were better friends than that?  What happened to that, and is it worth the time to question?

To the person this post is directed at, wherever you might be, I hope you are acheiving all you thought you couldn’t with me in your life.  I honestly wish you the best, because, despite the bad waters under the bridge, I still care about you and hope you have a good life.

I still miss you.  Maybe one day I will have the courage and ability to stop missing you, or the understanding to know how to fix it.  Until then, I can do nothing more than try to forget you, and continue to move on as I have these past months.  As I have said before, life is good, it would just be a little better if you were there to share it with me.

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