An update

Posted: March 30, 2008 in Computers, Work

So, it has been a while since my last post, and I thought I’d pop in and give an update.

The job is going very well.  Its been close to three weeks now, and I am finally getting used to the different schedule, although I am not up as late as I used to be even on the weekends.  I finally have the drive down to the right route.

Other than that, I am keeping a very low profile.  I am trying to save money for the move which will likely happen in July now.  I really wanted to move out in May, then the length of the hunt pushed it back to June, and now its really starting to look like July is going to make more sense.  By then, the temp in my temp to hire title will be gone, I will have insurance benefits and all the other benefits that come with having a permanent position.  And most importantly, I won’t have to pay for COBRA, which is about half of what my rent will be.

In other news, my computer’s power supply died this week.  I replaced it and had to rebuild the operating system from scratch, thankfully I did not lose any data!


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