One month at the new job, and things couldn't be better

Posted: April 12, 2008 in Computers, Work

So, its absolutely amazing how time files whe your having fun.  Its hard for me to believe that it has already been a month, and yet I am still just as excited about it as I was on day one.

Not much else to report, I’m keeping a fairly low profile in my personal life these days.  Just trying to save as much money as possible, so I can meet my new goal of July 1st for a move out date.  See, I go permanent with this company on June 13th, and I didn’t want to move out until I can stop paying this nearly $400 COBRA insurance payment every month. 

The weather here in MN has been kind of crappy, but I am hoping that next weekend it is nicer outside, so I can get my car nice and sparkily clean and get the trunk cleaned out.  Its not bad, just space I would like to take back.  In May, as part of the plan for moving out, I am going to start shopping Craigs list for furniture such as a coffee table, kitchen table, and maybe even a recliner or entertainment center.  And I’d also like to start picking up the little things like silverware, pots and pans, dishes, etc.

I’m so excited!

With that said, I am definitely still getting out and being social where I can, but after a hard week at work, it sometimes feels good to just come home on a Friday night, mix a few drinks, and turn on a good movie.  These days, I don’t seem to make it much past Midnight, and I can never seem to sleep in past 11AM either.  I guess a day job will do that to ya!

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