The weekend goes by too quickly…

Posted: April 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

So here I sit on Monday morning, and we are kinda busy.  I’m not complaining about being at work.

I just can’t believe how fast the weekend went by.  The weather was better, so I had planned on getting my car cleaned out but that didn’t work out so well.  Friday night I had movie night with a bunch of friends from school, which was alot of fun.

Saturday, another friend of mine called me up and said that he was going to be in the neighborhood around 3PM, and we ended up going out drinking (and I didn’t get home until about 3AM).  Now I realize I could have gotten stuff done before 3, but I was tired, got up around 11AM, and just felt like being lazy.  Nothing wrong with that, since Thursday and Friday I was busy and hadn’t had much me time.

Sunday, not only was I very tired, but I was also busy with other stuff (laundry, shopping, etc) so it just didn’t work out.  Oh well, my intentions were good at least!  Maybe I’ll get to it some night this week, or next weekend.  Perhaps it’s best for me to do it in stages, as I’d really like to get the inside scrubbed down and vacuumed.  Minnesota winters make cars a mess!

In other news, I’ve started looking at options for an apartment, just to make sure I consider everything that is available to me.  I’m also starting to keep my eyes open for “steal of a deal” furniture on CL (thats the only way I’ll buy it and store it for a little over two months, otherwise I’ll just wait).

And as I am just getting into my own first apartment, a friend of mine who graduated a few years back just let me know he put an offer on a house, so best of luck to him.  I’m not looking for a house right now, for two reasons.  One, houses up here are more expensive (he lives in Omaha and got a house for 84,000, whereas I live in the Twin Cities where they go for 200k+), and two I’m not really looking for the work associated with having a house.  I’d rather get used to the work associated with keeping up an apartment first, and graduate to a house or a townhome later.

Anyways, thats all for now. 


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