Still apartment hunting…

Posted: June 9, 2008 in Personal, Project: Home

Despite last week’s bad news about the job, I am still diligently apartment hunting.  I have found three apartments that I am really interested in, and a fourth and fifth that I am moderately interested in.  All are in different “corners” of the metro, between 3 and 20 miles from work.

I have not yet decided on whether to live closer to work but further from friends and family, or live in the middle of the two.  The middle would be ideal, aside from the gas and commute times, as it would put me about 15 miles from work, but about 10 miles from where I currently live.

Other places would put me about 25 miles from where I currently live, but 7-10 miles away from work.  Most of my friends currently live closer to where I live than where I work.  So, the question becomes, is it time for a fresh start in the interest of saving about $80 in gas a month (but paying about that much more in rent)?  Or is it worth it to stay closer to friends, but extend my commute time to 30-40 minutes, while at the same time paying $80-$100 less for more amenities?


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