Reconsidering my apartment choices…

Posted: June 10, 2008 in Project: Home

So, I thought I had found a really nice apartment that is close to work (1.5 miles to be exact).  Then I looked up the reviews.  Not one good review, due to tenants and crime.  Yuck.  See, at a place for $500 a month rent, I almost expect that.  One problem.  This place is 800.  Thats about $150 more than I had originally planned on spending, and about $100 more than I planned on.

And don’t get me wrong, I could afford it.  With gas prices the way they are, living a mile from work would more than make up the price difference.  But do I really want to spend $100 more on an apartment that is away from friends and family AND that has nothing but bad reviews?

The worst part is, ALL of the apartments under a thousand a month are like that in Eden Prairie.  And $1000 a month is a little more than I was looking to spend.  I could certainly afford it, but I want to have some breathing room for emergencies.  Not only that, but EP doesn’t have the best public transportation yet.  Not important now, but if the car breaks down or gas gets short, I still want to get around.  Shakopee (about 10 miles from work has some places for about $600, but again, bad reviews.  And if I take a job later on in any part of the metro thats not west, well, it will be difficult to get to. 

So, we are down to West Bloomington, which has 494 to deal with), Savage, Prior Lake, or Burnsville.  So, long story short, I am really considering the place in BVille again.  Close to pretty much all major roads (miles from 169, 35w, 35e, and Ceder Ave), free garabge, water, heat, (yeah most EP places make you pay that stuff) and even free A/C.  The place is under new management, and is recently renovated.  Underground parking garage, indoor and outdoor pools, and a fitness center.  All for right around $700 a month.  Shakopee had nothing that compared.  $1000 gets you most of those at an apartment complex out there.

I’d stay close to friends, but far from work, so I’m still giving it thought, but it is looking more and more tempting every day.


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