Project Home Update: Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Lamp

Posted: June 15, 2008 in Project: Home

Yeah, so I know this is extremely trivial, but I bought myself those things this weekend.  I had also hoped to get out to Bloomington to look at a bedroom set, but then realized that might be a tad optimistic, seeing as how I am running out of places to put this stuff.

Total cost of the two items?  Dirt Devil 12.5amp vacuum cleaner – $25 (used obviously, but still in excellent shape).  Floor Lamp – $10.  Its gonna look great next to the big screen.

So, all I need is a set of tables, and the furnishing of the living room will be complete.  Next week, I think I’ll pick up some kitchen stuff, and look at bedroom furniture.  So far I am managing to do this WAY under budget, yet nothing I have gotten is anything I would consider “crap”.  Now the bedroom furniture, that might not be gotten for so cheap, but at this point, the budget has also grown because I pushed it back another month.

And on tap for the last weekend of the month?  Yup, thats the weekend I pick my apartment and hopefully put in my application, so the following week I can sign the lease.


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