Living Room almost completely furnished….

Posted: June 17, 2008 in Project: Home

After coming accross a decent end table/coffee table combo for $20 (it pays to network) my living room is 90% furnished.  All that is left is the TV and the TV Stand.  This is a seperate, already planned for purchase, and will most likely be the most expensive one yet, looking to weigh in at $1500-$2000.  Well worth it though.  The TV is supposed to last 10 years, and is a 50 inch.  Considering that cable can run $150 a month with internet, $200 a year for a TV doesn’t seem all that bad.

(And on a side note, I won’t have to squint at subtitles).

The kitchen drawers have to be filled, along with the cupboards.  Then there is the linen closet and bathroom which will likely happen over time, and the bedroom is almost completely bare right now (aside from a bed, TV stand, and 23″ TV.  So basically, the big thing I have left is a dresser and nightstand(s).


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