Project Home, major progress made….

Posted: June 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well, today marks a major milestone in my life.  For $200 I got a solid oak (slight wear and tear, 20 years old) bedroom set.  All thats needed in the bedroom now is a matress and boxspring, which might already be taken care of.

And today, I signed the lease.  Thats right.  $695 a month for 12 months, one month is free, and first month is $100 off.  That includes heat, water, garbage, air conditioning, pool, fitness center, elevators, etc.

Its about a 30 minute drive to work, but factor in that I also woiuld have spent a hundred more a month along with the fact that I’ll be staying pretty close to friends and family AND other stuff, and its quiet and mostly renovated, and stuff.

So, now its time to start collecting all the little stuff.  Anyone out there have any boxes??


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