Going to start packing this weekend….

Posted: June 26, 2008 in Personal, Project: Home

There are so many things that I have laying around that I don’t use.  Some will be thrown out, some will be stored for reference (like my school books).  But rather than spending hours a night the week before I move, I am going to start packing this weekend.

The last week will be packing things that I use on a daily basis, such as my Tivo (which will likely be cancelled in favor of a DVR from the cable company, its been a good run, but my TIVO doesn’t do HD or On Demand), DVD Player, Computers, etc.  Most of the furniture is staying behind, with the exception of my computer desk.  I have this “hutch” thing that is too hard to move, a half of a 20 year old loveseat, a twin bed that I grew up in (yeah, I’m glad to have the space for a queen now!) and peices of bedroom furniture that used to belong to my sister (sad life i lead haha) that will also be staying behind. 

I’m bringing a shelf, DVD/CD rack, and my desk.

Everything else is going good, although my social front is quiet (keeping a lower profile right now anyways).  Not to say I don’t get out, I just don’t feel required to.  Hell, after a long week, it STILL feels good to curl up at home.  I’m getting old haha.

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