The time is starting to get away from me….

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Project: Home

Sorry for the lack of an update.  Time is catching up to me now.  I’ve got only about three boxes packed at the moment (but I don’t think I’ll personally have more than 12 total, so thats not so bad).  The nice thing is that I am pretty much starting from scratch.  This means that I don’t have dishes, pots, pans, etc to wrap and pack. 

So, the goal is a box a night for this week, and by Sunday I want everything that I don’t use or need on a daily basis packed up.  Then, the following week, I will start breaking down things like my entertainment center, computers, etc.  Goal is to have everything but the TV and daily needs packed up by that weekend.  Then, on the following Monday and Tuesday, my goal is to go shopping to get things like towels, garbage can, etc.  That Wednesday after work, I do the walkthrough and get the keys (and I’ll probably start bringing over electronics).  Thursday, I hope to bring another load of stuff, and Friday the cable company is coming out.  All leading up to moving day, which is August 2nd.


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