The National Debt…

Posted: February 11, 2010 in News, Politics
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So, it seems to be circulating the social network sites, and is quickly becoming one of the biggest issues republicans are bringing to light, so what do we do about our spiraling national debt?

What kind of bothers me about the way republicans are bringing this up is that they act as if this is a new issue.  It isn’t.  The last time we were running at a net positive as a country was actually Clinton (and only for 1 year).  The last time we were running at a positive CONSISTANTLY was under Regan.  So, since that time, we have had 12 years of a Bush, 8 years of Clinton, and less than two years of Obama.  Stop blaming the Democrats, because last I checked you guys are no better.

I’ve spent most of my life going back and forth on whether I was a Democrat or a Republican, but the right answer is, I’m neither.  Some of the issues I am for lean left, and some lean right.  And in other cases, like National Budget affairs, I am absolutely disgusted with both sides of the fence.  How about you?


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