Moving, again….

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, two years after moving to Burnsville, I’ll be headed out.  July 27th, I’ll be packing the truck and heading out to Eden Prairie.  Why EP you ask?  Well, I got a job out here two years ago, and after two years of sitting in rush hour traffic for more than an hour a day, I’ve finally had my fill.  I’ve always had this job in EP, but originally chose Burnsville because I could not afford to live in Eden Prairie at the time.  Well, due to me getting a few raises and the economy in general sucking right now, that is no lon

ger the case.

So, while I’ll miss living in Burnsville, I’m looking forward to a new adventure beginning in Eden Prairie.  The apartment I am moving to is a SERIOUS upgrade from where I am staying now, but because I’ll be saving $100 in gas every month by not driving all the way down to Burnsville every single day, I will actually end up SAVING money by making this move.

The best part?  I’ll be about 7 minutes away from work.  That means that when winter hits, instead of it taking 2+ hours to get home from work, it will take 15-20 minutes, at most.  And in the summer, I’ll be cutting an hour off my commute times of 35 minutes in the morning, and 40 minutes in the afternoon.  My new car sure is going to get bored only driving 4 miles a day, but I’d much rather do that and drive further to see my friends than the other way around.  At least this way I’ll have some energy left at the end of the day to actually DO something!

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