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Yup, thats right, after two and a half years of hard work, I have met all requirements for graduation!

Now, while I am excited about this, I am also nervous as this means I once again have to go join the real world, but I am one step closer to completing the ultimate goal of complete financial independence, which is something I have been working on now for a number of years. 

Moving out should happen here by May, and I have pretty much already picked out where I am moving to, thanks to a couple of friends who also recently moved there, and have shown me that the place isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  As a matter of fact, I’d say the place is pretty nice, but if I tell you all where it is, you’ll snap up all the vacancies before I get the chance to sign on the dotted line.

The year has seemingly flown right by me, as it’s quickly coming to a close.  I say quickly, because as we all know December goes by rather quickly. 

Perhaps its because of the week and a half cold that I’m just getting over, or the fact that I have been in school for around 10 hours a day this semester, but I for one welcome the end of the year.  For me it means graduation, a step upward from where I was before.  When I start the new year, I will be employable in the IT field, and with any luck, I will also have a job lined up. 

But I will also be sad to see the end of the year approach.  I will miss going to classes, or hanging out with all those people that I have met at school.  It’s been 2.5 years there, and there are some great memories, and some not so great memories.  But one thing is for sure, I am going to miss the 40+ minute commute each way to go learn some stuff with some overall great people.

But, such is life, constantly changing.  And there’s some big changes coming up in the new year.  Stay tuned!

So, its been almost a month since my last post.  Sorry, things get rather hectic around here with school, and work, and my rather active social life. 

Anyways, to update you on a few things:

The podcast I tried to start up is officially cancelled.  I’m sure it had potential, but I simply do not have the time to research the topics and get new shows recorded enough to make it worth your while.  Perhaps once school is done and I have a full time job, things will settle down, but as it stands now, I’m hardly home for more than a few hours on the weekdays, and usually so wiped by that on the weekends (and let us not forget the social life) that I am not motivated enough to do it.

My car broke down.  Yup thats right.  Well, not break, but it was still a $2500 repair by the time all was said and done.  Fuel injectors went bad on me.  Not too bad considering I’ve had the car now for 4 years, and I’ve only put about $4000 into it in total, but it still hurts to spend that much at once!

Because of the car breaking down, I’m picking up more hours at work.  I’m a workstudy at school, so I don’t get too many hours, but I can pick up as many as 20 hours a week, or up to $1500 this semester in total pay (at 8 bucks per hour).

I still have yet to smoke a cigarette since I quit on October 1st.  It hasn’t been all easy, but I’m commiitted to making this time work.  That should help with that $2500, you’d think, but I want to recognize extra spending money because of it, so I am more motivated to not start again, so I won’t be putting it towards that.

I haven’t been getting to the gym three times a week yet, but November will change that.  I’ve been tired because, as I’m sure some of you ex smokers are aware, quitting affects your sleeping habits and schedule.  I seem to have those issues worked out now, and will probably start up again either tomorrow or Saturday on the whole workout plan.  I got a new MP3 player, because I managed to break my old one, so there is even more motivation, and if I get in 13 times per month, my insurance company reimburses me $20.

I’m still working on upgrading this blog, but my host is still having some issues, so we shall see if I can get that done in the next few weeks (time permitted, of course!).

I am considering completely taking free time away from myself and starting my career a bit early.  I’ve got some feelers out there for jobs, so if the right one comes along, I may very well start working before the semester ends in December.  It’d be tough, but for the right job it would also be worth it to torture myself for a few weeks.

The plan is still to move out sometime this coming spring, and with degree in hand, it shouldn’t be that hard to find a job to make that a reality.  I’ve been noticing more job openings as of late for my career path, so thats good news.  This summer was pretty dry, and evidently the few places I applied for decided they still wanted to see proof of my graduation, which will happen in December.  The one exception to this rule is a job I found out about that is in Burnsville which pays right around what I was looking for and does not require that you have a degree.  (Its posted through school, so they probably know they are getting someone who is GOING to have a degree anyways).

Apperantly, I broke my about me page, so I will work on getting that back up.  Which is a good thing, because I now also have a facebook page, and it would be nice to have a one stop shop way of finding my online persona.

Anyways, thats all for now, I have some opinion posts that I would like to materialize, but I’ll have to wait and see if I can get the time to sit down and write them.  I have a study group that meets tomorrow, so I better get off this thing and start transitioning to bed here.  

So, the past few months I have been doing alot of evaluating of myself.  Looking at past goals that I had given up on, looking at where my life was a year ago and where I wanted it to be a year from then.

See, earlier this year I gave up on myself.  I don’t think I did it intentionally, but I did it nonetheless.  I blame nobody for this but myself, so if anyone out there thinks this is gonna be a “its all this persons fault” post, keep moving.  Fact of the matter is, I focused so much time and attention to making the people around me happy, and helping the people around me, that I forgot to help myself.

This past summer, me and a former friend of mine had set a goal to quit smoking on October 1st.  See, I had started back up again after quitting for six months (not sure why I did that, but once again, blame only myself, I mean I love to smoke!) and was unhappy with this fact.  Well, me and this person are no longer on speaking terms, but I have decided to quit anyways.  (yes, there is only one friend that I have ever had that I am no longer speaking to, and its the same one I speak of now).  So, Monday morning, I decided not to light up, and now, one full week later, I have yet to buy another pack.

Also, around a year ago, I decided I was unhappy with the way my weight had gone up to about 294 pounds.  I was going to the health club regularly until about April or May (things got crazy with this former friend, and I wanted to be there to help, but once again stopped caring about myself).  I was down to about 270 pounds when I stopped.  Well, last night I went back.  Good news is, I’m only up 10 pounds from then (5 of which were probably gained back this past week, and the other 5 gained back during a minor period of depression followed by supersocializing back in July).  So, I make this pledge to myself:

Goal Weight: 220 pounds

Current Weight:  280 pounds

I will go to the health club 3-5 times per week until such time as my goal weight is acheived.  In addition, I will begin mkaing minor changes to my diet to reallign it with what it had been one year ago.

The reason I say slow is that I find if I make too many changes at once, I find them overwhelming, and tend to not follow through with them.  One goal that I never lost sight of was graduating with an AAS in Computer Networking, and that I am doing this December.  Over Thanksgiving break, I am going to plaster my resume out to every website and company seeking candidates, with the hopes of starting a real job in January.  In the meantime, I am working about 20 hours a week down at school, and I am mostly keeping to a rather strict budget, so I will have a rather nice sum of money saved up by the time school lets out in December. 

Then, as also part of this plan, I am going to be moving sometime in the spring to most likely an apartment, although much of where I live and how will be determined later, when I know how much money I will be pulling in from working.  I’m guessing I will most likely have a one bedroom apartment for a few years, while I can pay off loans and also set aside some money for a down payment on a townhome or single family residence.  I had thought about a mobile home at one point, but since decided that I would much rather sit on property that doesn’t depreciate and is sitting on a solid piece of foundation.

Right now, this is all I am taking on.  If I try to take on more, I worry that I will get discouraged and eventually give up some of these goals.  I will keep everyone posted, more to keep me honest about what I’m doing, but also because I know other people that I don’t always get a chance to talk to are curious as well.

And for the record, while I did bring up this former friend of mine (and I know this friend is probably still reading this, you know who you are) I feel no resentment or blame towards this person, like I said its ALL about personal responsibility with me.  I let myself down because of me, and NOBODY had any fault in this but myself.  Thought I better clarify before I get hate mail or a knock on the door. 

Feeling better this week….

Posted: September 26, 2007 in College Life, Personal

So, my last post I was feeling blah.  Not sure if it was just that I was tired, or the fact that I am just really busy, but that mood has passed.

Things are not perfect, nor have they ever been.  But I am back to being generally, pretty happy with life and the way things are going at the moment.  School is keeping me busy, and I officially started my workstudy this week.  My first paycheck comes in next Friday, and it will be a whopping 32 bucks (hey not bad for one days work, but certainly much less than I will make once I graduate!)


Posted: September 23, 2007 in College Life

So, everything was going great.  And nothing has changed, everything continues to go great.  School is going well, got the workstudy job, and my social life is the best it has ever been.

But, alas, I feel blah.  I haven’t been sleeping well these past few nights, just thinking about the future, things I have done, things I will accomplish, and in general I can’t shut off my brain.  It sucks, let me tell you.

So today, for the first time in MONTHS, I feel just blah.  I want to go home, but I have a night class tonight that I shouldn’t miss (people are counting on me).  But, I’d rather just curl up in a corner with nobody around and just sit.  I know that it is probably due to lack of sleep, or maybe I am having a male version of PMS, (Pissy Man Syndrome, perhaps?)

Anyways, I do have to run, I’ll update you all later.

An Update

Posted: September 18, 2007 in College Life, Uncategorized

Hey everyone.  Busy week once again.  Thought I would come give everyone an update.

Well, classes are going very well.  I got hired on for workstudy (just waiting for all the paperwork to process through the system so I can be on the payroll).  I’m currently hanging out at school Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with some classmates for study and fun, and I am part of a Friday afternoon study group (me and one other person), so time is once again getting away from me.

The social group I am a part of has not really been doing many activities, but that looks to be changing here soon.  Not quite sure how I am going to balance that with other friends that I have, but I’ll figure it out.

Not sure what the future of the podcast is, I LOVE doing it, but it is alot more work than I thought it was going to be, and time is a very scarce resource these days.

Busy week…

Posted: September 10, 2007 in College Life

Hey, just wanted to stop in and say hey.  My host seems to have finally reset the clock on the web server, so post times will be a bit more accurate.

In other news, I am really busy these days.  I am planning to do a podcast sometime this week, but I don’t know when that will be posted.  School is definitely back in full swing, so posts will probably slow, but I hope to keep up at least a few a week, and one podcast a week as well.

Schools back in full swing…..

Posted: August 27, 2007 in College Life

So obviously, school is back in session.  Not sure how that is going to affect the blogging, but I’m sure I will cut back a bit, who knows.  I guess it all depends on how much interesting stuff I have to share, or how bad something pisses me off ;).

So far, I like all my instructors.  I have 4 classes, and the homework load looks a bit on the heavy side.  I am also applying for both a workstudy position, and a tutoring position.  Hey as long as it doesn’t involve browning meat, I should be OK 😉

I’ve got a slight rant to do about the Minnesota State Fair, which I went to last weekend, but right now I am tired of being in front of a computer, so I am gonna go find something else to do.  I’ll post that sometime here soon, I promise, but today is my 12+ hour day, so I’m just physically and mentally wiped out.

So, as summer comes to a close for me (yeah I realize officially it doesn’t end until the third week in September, and being from Minnesota it could end weather wise any time between now and October) I am definitely staying busier than I thought I would be.

Yesterday, of course, was my lunch date with Rose, which she paid for.  Always a shock and always hard to accept having someone else pay for me, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.  Then tonight its off to OCB with Rose, John, and Mike for dinner and cards, that should be fun!

I’m still keeping tomorrow open, and Friday all I have is therapy, but thats OK too, because the family reunion is Saturday and it will have to be rather early.  I’m looking forward to that, because me and my stepbrother are riding together, and I haven’t seen him in a few years.  Friday I will be doing a thorough job cleaning my car, because I think we are taking that up there (and its never fun to ride in trash for a few hours).

Hopefully Saturday I will get home a bit early, so I can try to put myself on a regular sleeping schedule before Monday.  My other friend started school today (yeah, on a Wednesday, what timing is that?!?!) so he has already started feeling the pain of a busy schedule.  Perhaps Monday I will sit out the State Fair, I’m not quite sure how the money situation is going to look then, with all this other stuff going on.