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I look back to this past year, and think of all the many milestones.  So, I thought I would do a little reflection post to sum things up, starting with December of last year (because it fits).

Notable acheivements of 2008:

  • Graduated with an AAS end of December
  • Rejoined the workforce, this time to start a career in IT
  • Made many new friends, and became closer to old ones once again
  • Did not have one cigarette in 2008 (official quit date was 10/1/2007, but I still feel this is notable in 2008)
  • Moved into my own apartment
  • Furnished said Apartment (for about $2000 and then another $2000 for my TV)
  • Established, and followed, a monthly budget
  • Learned how to cook many new food items (hey, its all new to me, right?)
  • And lastly, I got to go to FL to see my dad and other family members

As I look back at what I accomplished, I see much more to accomplish in the future.  Many things changed for me, and for the world in 2008.  Besides personal changes, we saw the death of XM (RIP Lucy), the formation of the much inferior Sirius XM, the election of a black president, the economic downturn, and most of our 401k’s turning into 201k’s (haha, stole that one from our COO).

2009 shows to be an even more challenging year.  I look forward to it, how about you?

Life, an update…

Posted: December 29, 2008 in @the Gym, Family, Work
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So, I realized today that I have once again really been getting bad at not stopping by here to update things on a regular basis.  My last regular post was in October, and alot has happened since then.

Obviously, I am still living on my own, and really enjoying it.  Keeping my house clean, taking care of my kitties, and all the other little stuff that comes with it has been time consuming, but very fun.  I have been rather lucky in that I have been actively employed the entire time I have been moved out, so I have paid all of my bills on time or early with a little money to spare usually.  Doing this mostly on my own, I have overcome small challenges here and there, from little things like what to buy and eat, to bigger things like getting out stains and fixing minor plumbing problems.  I still work full time at my job, and still love every minute of it.

Secondly, my Grandma did pass away at the end of October.  We had a funeral service for her, and not much more can be said.  Rest in peace, grandma, you have been and will be missed.

Third, I have finally gotten an updated camera.  Its a Canon that I picked up on Black Friday for around $200.  I’ll be posting pictures somewhere, just haven’t decided where quite yet.

Lastly I have joined a Gym.  When I quit smoking last year I put on some weight, as expected.   I have been relatively steady, but unhappy with where I sit for a long time.  So, LA Fitness moved in, and provided I get in there 12 times a month, it will only cost me $15 a month.  Small price to pay for a smaller me.  I have decided that I will go three times per week, with an optional (or make up day) on a 4th day.  No more, no less.  What usually happened in the past is that I would go 6-7 times a week and get burnt out.  This would lead to me no longer going at all.  Once I get the cardio in check, I am going to start a rotating schedule of different excercises, with the goal of keeping the workout around 45 minutes to an hour long per time.

Well, thats alot for now.  I’ll have new years resolutions (that I probably won’t keep anyways, but they are fun!) later this week or next.

Glad Christmas is over…..

Posted: December 27, 2007 in Family, Personal

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely things I like about it, but still I’m glad its over.  I love the sense of togetherness, and I love the time spent with family.  That seems to be fading quickly, as my siblings are growing up and moving on with their lives and their own families, and whatnot, but still it is there.  I love that people feel compelled to give to the food shelf, salvation army, etc. but at the same time wish that it didn’t take a holiday to get us all to give back a little time or money.  And it would be nice if more people realized that more important than giving your money is volunteering your time.

But why I am glad it is over is because now I will be able to get within 2 miles of a mall without having to drive like I am secret service to avoid accidents.  No longer will I have to see ads on TV promoting that you should show that special someone you love them by buying a matching pair of Lexus cars for their present.  Yes, for another 11 months, I can forget that Christmas, complete with the American deisre to overcomercialize it, exists at all.  And most people can go back to being a little patient and understanding on the road.  Not that I am saying that people are automatically patient on the road, only that what little patience they have is usually lost during the “Most Wonderful time of the Year”.

And now that it’s all over, I can stop wondering if the gifts that I got for my family memebers are good enough, and know that everyone was happy in their own way with mine.  Who knows, maybe next year I will feel different when I am actually not only employed but making a decent living.  But for now, Bah Humbug. 😉

Thanksgiving Happenings….

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So, overall it was a really good thanksgiving, although strange again this year.

You see, last year my sister was over in Europe, and it was the first year we had a thanksgiving without my sister.  Well, this year my Gramma couldn’t make it, because she is not feeling well.  This is the first year we have not had her with us for the festivities.

So anyways, it was me, my aunt, my parents, my two cousins, my sister, and my brother.  The turkey was delicious, and no family fights broke out, which is always good.  It was a bit more rushed than last year, because we wanted to get food over to my Grandma before it was too late.

And now, I’m just plain ole tired from all that turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Just wanted to say to all you faithful readers out there, hope you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

I’ll be back later with some updates!

So, the past few months I have been doing alot of evaluating of myself.  Looking at past goals that I had given up on, looking at where my life was a year ago and where I wanted it to be a year from then.

See, earlier this year I gave up on myself.  I don’t think I did it intentionally, but I did it nonetheless.  I blame nobody for this but myself, so if anyone out there thinks this is gonna be a “its all this persons fault” post, keep moving.  Fact of the matter is, I focused so much time and attention to making the people around me happy, and helping the people around me, that I forgot to help myself.

This past summer, me and a former friend of mine had set a goal to quit smoking on October 1st.  See, I had started back up again after quitting for six months (not sure why I did that, but once again, blame only myself, I mean I love to smoke!) and was unhappy with this fact.  Well, me and this person are no longer on speaking terms, but I have decided to quit anyways.  (yes, there is only one friend that I have ever had that I am no longer speaking to, and its the same one I speak of now).  So, Monday morning, I decided not to light up, and now, one full week later, I have yet to buy another pack.

Also, around a year ago, I decided I was unhappy with the way my weight had gone up to about 294 pounds.  I was going to the health club regularly until about April or May (things got crazy with this former friend, and I wanted to be there to help, but once again stopped caring about myself).  I was down to about 270 pounds when I stopped.  Well, last night I went back.  Good news is, I’m only up 10 pounds from then (5 of which were probably gained back this past week, and the other 5 gained back during a minor period of depression followed by supersocializing back in July).  So, I make this pledge to myself:

Goal Weight: 220 pounds

Current Weight:  280 pounds

I will go to the health club 3-5 times per week until such time as my goal weight is acheived.  In addition, I will begin mkaing minor changes to my diet to reallign it with what it had been one year ago.

The reason I say slow is that I find if I make too many changes at once, I find them overwhelming, and tend to not follow through with them.  One goal that I never lost sight of was graduating with an AAS in Computer Networking, and that I am doing this December.  Over Thanksgiving break, I am going to plaster my resume out to every website and company seeking candidates, with the hopes of starting a real job in January.  In the meantime, I am working about 20 hours a week down at school, and I am mostly keeping to a rather strict budget, so I will have a rather nice sum of money saved up by the time school lets out in December. 

Then, as also part of this plan, I am going to be moving sometime in the spring to most likely an apartment, although much of where I live and how will be determined later, when I know how much money I will be pulling in from working.  I’m guessing I will most likely have a one bedroom apartment for a few years, while I can pay off loans and also set aside some money for a down payment on a townhome or single family residence.  I had thought about a mobile home at one point, but since decided that I would much rather sit on property that doesn’t depreciate and is sitting on a solid piece of foundation.

Right now, this is all I am taking on.  If I try to take on more, I worry that I will get discouraged and eventually give up some of these goals.  I will keep everyone posted, more to keep me honest about what I’m doing, but also because I know other people that I don’t always get a chance to talk to are curious as well.

And for the record, while I did bring up this former friend of mine (and I know this friend is probably still reading this, you know who you are) I feel no resentment or blame towards this person, like I said its ALL about personal responsibility with me.  I let myself down because of me, and NOBODY had any fault in this but myself.  Thought I better clarify before I get hate mail or a knock on the door. 


Posted: August 29, 2007 in Family, Friends, Fun

So yesterday, I went to the MN Ren Fest, which was fun.  We got there a bit late, so we didn’t get to do a whole lot, but the Tortuga Twins was a great show once again this year.

The nice thing is, I got free tickets from someone who works down at the festival, so I didn’t have to pay the 20 bucks to get in.  All in all, it was a good cheap way to spend a few hours.

Anyways, today is my birthday, and I have plenty of homework to do, so I better get moving if I want to get that done before dinner guests arrive.