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Two of my best friends over the past 4 years have made their love of each other official by getting married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony yesterday.  As long as I’ve known Rose and Mike, I’ve known that they just “belong” together.  Congratulations guys!  I look forward to being a part of your lives for years to come (now its time for me to find my ideal match!)

Chugging along….

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Friends, Fun, Work

Hey everyone, just thought I’d stop in and say I’m still alive and chugging along.  Life has been crazy, and fun, all at the same time.

If I get some time, I’ll sit down and give some updates.

I look back to this past year, and think of all the many milestones.  So, I thought I would do a little reflection post to sum things up, starting with December of last year (because it fits).

Notable acheivements of 2008:

  • Graduated with an AAS end of December
  • Rejoined the workforce, this time to start a career in IT
  • Made many new friends, and became closer to old ones once again
  • Did not have one cigarette in 2008 (official quit date was 10/1/2007, but I still feel this is notable in 2008)
  • Moved into my own apartment
  • Furnished said Apartment (for about $2000 and then another $2000 for my TV)
  • Established, and followed, a monthly budget
  • Learned how to cook many new food items (hey, its all new to me, right?)
  • And lastly, I got to go to FL to see my dad and other family members

As I look back at what I accomplished, I see much more to accomplish in the future.  Many things changed for me, and for the world in 2008.  Besides personal changes, we saw the death of XM (RIP Lucy), the formation of the much inferior Sirius XM, the election of a black president, the economic downturn, and most of our 401k’s turning into 201k’s (haha, stole that one from our COO).

2009 shows to be an even more challenging year.  I look forward to it, how about you?

…and tons of planing, its now down to less than a week.

I’ve got all the furniture, and most of the stuff that I will need (after spending almost $2000 to get there), and in less than a week the moving truck shows up and the plan finally goes into action.

The funny thing is, I’m partially sad by this.  I’ve been living at my current residence for about 20 years, give or take a few months here and there.  And it’s been solid the last 4 years.  But, I really think that independance will treat me well and I’m sure the nostalgic sadness I feel will only last a matter of days once I’m in MY first place. 

I’ll be living alone, but at the same time I’ll be in a building with 100 other units.  (All together, I think this complex has 340 or so units).  I’ll be just down the hall from two people that I consider very close friends (even though our schedules haven’t really aligned lately for us to hang out that much).  Hopefully I can build that friendship, while making some new ones and rekindling some old ones.

Overall, I’m excited.  I know, its not that big of a deal, but I’m 27 and finally I have a place that I can call “mine”.  Of course, with that comes my bills, but I am confident that I’ll make it.

Wish me luck.  If you know me outside of this blog (as many of you do) give me a call and come see my new place sometime (or if your available next weekend, I could use help moving, even though I have a half dozen confirmed helpers, each additional one means less work overall for the rest of us!).

After all that has happened…..

Posted: March 16, 2008 in Friends

Why do I still care?  Why do you enter my thoughts and my dreams?  Why do I keep dreaming that we have reconciled our differences?

But most of all, why do I feel as if I should try for that?  Is it all the good times we have had?  Just because someone has a bad period of time, even and especially if they cannot be 100% in control of the issues surrounding it, why must things come to a complete end and cutoff?  Didn’t we both think at one time we were better friends than that?  What happened to that, and is it worth the time to question?

To the person this post is directed at, wherever you might be, I hope you are acheiving all you thought you couldn’t with me in your life.  I honestly wish you the best, because, despite the bad waters under the bridge, I still care about you and hope you have a good life.

I still miss you.  Maybe one day I will have the courage and ability to stop missing you, or the understanding to know how to fix it.  Until then, I can do nothing more than try to forget you, and continue to move on as I have these past months.  As I have said before, life is good, it would just be a little better if you were there to share it with me.

Upset with a (former?) Friend

Posted: March 2, 2008 in Friends

So tonight was basically world war two.  I’m extremely frustrated with a friend of mine who, as of right now has decided to “sever” contact with me.

We have been friends for 7 years now, and honestly I think the reason he is upset with me is bogus.  But yet, he has no idea why I was upset with him in the first place.  Anyways, I don’t really have the energy to explain it all or hash through it right now, so I’ll probably update you all more on this later today when I wake up.

Regardless its not cool, and I’m not happy about it.

Finally made it back up to Duluth….

Posted: January 13, 2008 in Friends, Fun

I think its been something like 5 months, but after a long absense, me and Rielly went back to Duluth to see a friend up there.

Definitely a good time as always, but as usual I am exhausted now.