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So, it seems to be circulating the social network sites, and is quickly becoming one of the biggest issues republicans are bringing to light, so what do we do about our spiraling national debt?

What kind of bothers me about the way republicans are bringing this up is that they act as if this is a new issue.  It isn’t.  The last time we were running at a net positive as a country was actually Clinton (and only for 1 year).  The last time we were running at a positive CONSISTANTLY was under Regan.  So, since that time, we have had 12 years of a Bush, 8 years of Clinton, and less than two years of Obama.  Stop blaming the Democrats, because last I checked you guys are no better.

I’ve spent most of my life going back and forth on whether I was a Democrat or a Republican, but the right answer is, I’m neither.  Some of the issues I am for lean left, and some lean right.  And in other cases, like National Budget affairs, I am absolutely disgusted with both sides of the fence.  How about you?

The economy….

Posted: April 10, 2009 in News, Politics
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OK, so the more I hear about this, the more it makes me sick.  Too many people extended themselves too far, and now we are all paying for it.  People bought too much house, charged too much on credit, and those of us who were responsible are paying the price.

Yes, I know, good people got screwed.  That’s because we allowed a government to get out of control serving commercial interests.  Mortgage rules were laxed, both parties were responsible for that.  And because of that, crooked companies were allowed to use crooked methods to sell people houses that they couldn’t afford.

But you know something?  It’s a self fullfilling prophecy.  And it’s time for the media to realize this.  Every time people (sorry, consumers) read in the paper about how much the economy sucks, they are going to spend less money that they really could afford to spend.  Then, the economy gets worse, and then people start spending less, until it cascades out of control.

And, I’m guilty of it too.  The mainstream media has done a pretty good job of scaring us all into little cocoons, and now it might be too late.  Because now, the unemployment rate is spiking.  And obviously, if you are working for a company that is not doing well, it might be time to save for that rainy day.  And if you have NO savings, maybe its time you start.  But, if you have a pretty healthy savings and a decent stable job, do us all a favor and spend some money.  We will all be better if you do.

Yes, Again 2009 has yeilded another consistancy.  I have been terrible at keeping up my blog, to the point that I’m almost positive nobody is reading it anymore anyways.

I guess what it boils down to is that life is just going right now.  Life isn’t good, it also isn’t bad, it just is.  Thats a weird feeling to have, but its stable.  Not much new to report on pretty much any front.  I still have my job, and my apartment, and all in all life is going along pretty good.  Not to say their couldn’t be improvements, but it is what it is.

Then again, maybe I am at least slightly down because winter has gotten the better of me.  I’m sure it’s something any Minnesotan can agree with.  Winter starts to get really old when your still seeing snow in April.  But baseball gets rolling again starting today, so spring can’t be far behind it, right?

And, add all that to the current economic conditions, and you have someone like me who is starting his own life suddenly desiring to live in survival mode, which is to say life is on “pause” right now.  I’m keeping a low profile to try to get that nest egg built up, and with any luck I might actually come out of this whole downturn in one peice.  Like I said, I’m still employed, and I hope to be for a long time to come, but these are uncertain times.  Blah blah blah insert another catchphrase here, i know i know.

This is not saying that I don’t still have some rather graphic opinions, because I do.  And I am in a period of “transition” that I can’t seem to get myself out of.  Life is changing, and has changed, yet I haven’t picked a path, nor have I found my new hobbies or expanded on my social circles as of yet. 

So, I’ll try to keep updated here, and I still have some rather scathing words for my former favorite pay service, which was XM radio until 11/12/08, and my thoughts on some alternatives.  So, if your out there, keep your eyes on that monitor.

So, apperantly, yesterday’s explosion in New York was related to someone destroying his house/office so he wouldn’t have to sell it in a nasty divorce, and it was also intended to be a suicide.

My thoughts?  Another illustration of changes needed in the divorce law.  If it was a case of needing to split assets, good thats ok.  If it was a case of her getting alimony — no, I’m not OK with that.  Although, to side with her, I heard he wasn’t exactly the best person in the bunch either, so I guess I can’t really have a good opinion. 

But if he wanted to kill himself,  he had no business putting other’s lives in jeopardy.  Killing yourself is not a good option,  and I certainly would not condone such an action, but I still understand that to some, that doesnt matter.  My problem is that he chose a way that put other people in harms way.  The guy was a bit nuts, I would think.

Now, why does the news feel a need when covering such events to induce fear into other people by making it sound like 9/11?  I was listening to Opie and Anthony, and they put it perfectly.  They are trying to drum up these memories, and tie it in with the WTC attacks.  I know, they were terrible things, but why use that cheap trick to keep people tuned in?

Sorry for the downtime yesterday…..

Posted: November 26, 2005 in News

Had to make some security adjustments. The server was hacked, no personal information was compromised, all they did was install a script to do an Ebay scam.

Thankfully it wasn’t bad, but I wanted to take everything down to make sure security on this site was as tight as possible. Going forward, you may notice some minor changes, but most changes have taken place on the server side of things.

I had thought it was taken care of, but it just goes to show you that nobody is 100% safe all the time, so be careful what you do on the net ;).

Hurricane Katrina

Posted: August 30, 2005 in News

I don’t know what else to say about this except that my thoughts definitely go out to the people that may be trapped in New Orleans, or in other areas of the Gulf.

Right now, the city of New Orleans is filling up with water, and many people are trapped on roofs. They have 20,000 people now in the Super Dome, which has been used as a storm shelter. This will now need to be evacuated, as there is water currently rising around the dome.

If you would like the latest on this, you can visit CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, or there is local coverage going on at WDSU Channel 6 from New Orleans(with a video stream of the coverage from the website)

The estimates are that 1 million people have been left homeless, and it may take a month just to get the water out of the city, once the levy and pumps are repaired. The fatality count is not known at this time, as they are just trying to save as many people as possible as the water continues to rise, and the lack of air conditioning and water is taking lives due to complications caused by that.

I cannot imagine what the people of these cities are going through, all I can say is that I hope for the best, not only because of the oil situation that is going to be caused now with higher prices, but also for the people who have family that they cannot reach due to the problems in the city.

Summer one day, fall the next…..

Posted: July 19, 2005 in News

So Sunday, it was well above 90, and yesterday we only hit 75. Now, this morning I wake up to 55.

I love MN weather, if you don’t like it, just wait 5 minutes, it will change.

MN Government shutdown is over…..

Posted: July 9, 2005 in News

So, they signed a bill to send government workers back to work. The catch? This one expires Midnight on Thursday, unless a premanent budget is signed.

The reason they ended the shuhtdown is because they agreed on all the major issues, but now they have to work out the fine print.


Posted: July 7, 2005 in News, Politics

OK, I have to sound off on this today. What happened in London was completely BS, and I hope all you terrorists understand what it is your doing. Your not making political statements, your not changing the world, and your not causing fear.

Your murdering people. And why are you doing this? Because the world leaders are meeting in Scottland to talk about issues plaguing our world, such as Poverty, AIDS, global warming? I hope we get each and every one of you. What you are doing just goes to show that you have zero intelligence. Sure I do not agree with all of our politics, but I take it out in ways that may actually make a difference. Peacful protests, blog entries, letters to my senators, letters to the president, etc. How do you expect to make a difference by killing innocent people. You are just making more and more people hate you.

Fuck all of you terrorists. I’ll tell you one thing, you tried that shit anywhere near me, and I would be goddam sure to take matters into my own hands with you savages.

OK I am done ranting, and I am glad that the casulties in London were minimal, meaning they did not suceed. Not that 37 deaths isn’t meaningful, and my condolences definitely go out to those who lost family or friends in these savage attacks.

The state shutdown continues, and the effects of said shutdown are being felt pretty much statewide, in both the public sector and private sector. This is leaving many people buying premanufactured homes having to live in hotels (due to the fact that the home was slated to move this week etc.) Leaving many public programs not funded, and even putting our roads at higher risk at this point.

Its to the point that I am ashamed of our public officials in this state right now. While they sit up in the capital, collecting their paychecks as usual, 9,000 state employee’s are being forced to take their vacations now, assuming they have not already used them up. And come next week, they won’t be getting anything at all, or, (and here’s the irony) they will be going to the state Unemployment offices, to get checks from the Unemployment insurance fund which will have to be paid by their (currently) former employers.

Lets just get this resolved, and NOW, not a month from now. The longer the house points at the senate and vice-versa, the more programs that are going to be affected.