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In this episode, I talk about my feelings regarding the pending XM/Sirius merger, as well as the new XM Channel 2 – XMX.  I also touch on sound quality, but most of the time is spent looking at the pending merger from a consumer standpoint in depth.


Hello out there in the interwebs.  So I finally took the plunge, got over some technical hurdles, found a host (bandwidth wise), and started a podcast.  There isn’t much to this first podcast, but I’m sure there will be better content down the line. 

So without further ado, I give you the first ever MNXMFan Podcast.  Click play below to waste 6 minutes of your life, and enjoy!


Update: Yeah, I realize the audio is distorted.  I guess I rushed this first one, but I have already taken steps to assure that the next one doesn’t sound that way.