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Been a while since my last post

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Project: Home

Well hello there.  Yes, it’s again been a while since my last post.  I’ve been playing with WordPress for another project I am doing (turning wordpress into more of a CMS rather than a blog, fun!) and it got me thinking that I hadn’t updated this thing in a while.

The move to my new place is complete, and I absolutely love it.  A few minutes from work means that I get at least an extra hour every day vs my last situation, which I am using to get out and be more active (albiet slightly, but its better than nothing!).

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the whole radio thing in my time off, and that is going along pretty well (although we still haven’t figured out how to make it profitable yet).

I’ll try to get in here to update this thing more often, but I’ve said that in the past to no avail, so I better not even make the promise.

The End of an Era

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Project: Home

Slightly less than two years after moving in to my first apartment, I find myself packing it all up and moving yet again.  I’m happy to be moving closer to work and upgrading apartments, but at the same time, I’d be lying if I didn’t also say that I’m a tad bit sad as well, for a few reasons.

Part of this era, as I look back, ended 7 months ago.  You see, a big part of the reason (although not the only reason) I chose to live here was that I had two of my best friends living just 4 doors down the hall.  That was, of course, until they bought a house last December.  While it’s not that far away (10 minutes now, 20 minutes when I move) it does seem to have changed things a bit.  Probably not entirely because of moving, but they have been busy planning a wedding, getting in shape, and developing new friendships.  Still, this building will always have many memories as me just strolling down the hall to have a few drinks while playing WoW, or having Rose stop down when I’m sick with a care package to help me feel better.  It was probably the best part of the last two years of my life.  (And if the subjects of this post are reading it now, I propose a movie night very soon, its been far too long!).  While I’ll be a tad bit further away than I used to be, I want to make more of an effort to hang out with you guys when I move.  And as a bonus, I’ll be less than a mile from Boston Market again!  But, I’m more than happy to drive down to see you guys too!

Another part of what I’ll miss about living here is the view, the concrete walls, and the location.  Burnsville was always a city that I grew up with, being where us Prior Lakers went to shop, and worship (my old church used to be two blocks from here before they also moved to Savage).  It was something I was familular with, so it didn’t take that much time to get acclimated when I moved here full time.  It’s another stage to growing up I guess, but I am looking forward to it!

But, as I look back at the things that were great about living here, I also look forward to all the things that are great about living up there.  The shorter communtes, my own washer, being literally 2 miles from EVERYTHING, and having the change of scenery will be nice.  The great thing about renting is, if I get up there and I’m miserable, I can always move back down here in a year.

After two months….

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Project: Home

Hey there strangers!  So, I figure after almost two months in my new place, and a total lack of content on this blog, I should give everyone an update.

Things are going very well for me.  I have really settled into my new place, and it’s starting to feel like home.  It still needs some decorating, but I like the fact that its MY place.  Bills are all getting paid, and I don’t feel starved for cash, which is a nice feeling.  I’m hoping to get a camera here soon (my last one barely works anymore) so I can get pictures posted.  I’ve got a great view, and now that the leaves are starting to turn it is looking very beautiful.  From time to time, I still get lonely.  I mean I live alone, thats bound to happen.  But for the most part, I am always out doing something with someone, and I’m really making an effort to rekindle old friendships.  For the most part, I don’t feel that I spend enough time at home, just relaxing.  And it is nice that I can entertain people without feeling like I am encroaching on others.

One thing I’d really like to start doing here soon is dating.  I’m not talking dating just for the sake of dating, but finding someone who I share common interests with, that I can really connect with.  I think having my own family someday is now starting to seem like something I would like.  Not that I want to rush to have kids either, heck even just getting married some day would probably suffice on the family front, who knows.

Anyways, thats where I stand right now.  I’ll try to get in here more often to keep you all posted as to what is going on.  After all, I should have all the time in the world now, right?  In all seriousness, it feels really good to have a social life.  I enjoy my friends, and hope that I am also able to provide some joy to them.

…and tons of planing, its now down to less than a week.

I’ve got all the furniture, and most of the stuff that I will need (after spending almost $2000 to get there), and in less than a week the moving truck shows up and the plan finally goes into action.

The funny thing is, I’m partially sad by this.  I’ve been living at my current residence for about 20 years, give or take a few months here and there.  And it’s been solid the last 4 years.  But, I really think that independance will treat me well and I’m sure the nostalgic sadness I feel will only last a matter of days once I’m in MY first place. 

I’ll be living alone, but at the same time I’ll be in a building with 100 other units.  (All together, I think this complex has 340 or so units).  I’ll be just down the hall from two people that I consider very close friends (even though our schedules haven’t really aligned lately for us to hang out that much).  Hopefully I can build that friendship, while making some new ones and rekindling some old ones.

Overall, I’m excited.  I know, its not that big of a deal, but I’m 27 and finally I have a place that I can call “mine”.  Of course, with that comes my bills, but I am confident that I’ll make it.

Wish me luck.  If you know me outside of this blog (as many of you do) give me a call and come see my new place sometime (or if your available next weekend, I could use help moving, even though I have a half dozen confirmed helpers, each additional one means less work overall for the rest of us!).

Sorry for the lack of an update.  Time is catching up to me now.  I’ve got only about three boxes packed at the moment (but I don’t think I’ll personally have more than 12 total, so thats not so bad).  The nice thing is that I am pretty much starting from scratch.  This means that I don’t have dishes, pots, pans, etc to wrap and pack. 

So, the goal is a box a night for this week, and by Sunday I want everything that I don’t use or need on a daily basis packed up.  Then, the following week, I will start breaking down things like my entertainment center, computers, etc.  Goal is to have everything but the TV and daily needs packed up by that weekend.  Then, on the following Monday and Tuesday, my goal is to go shopping to get things like towels, garbage can, etc.  That Wednesday after work, I do the walkthrough and get the keys (and I’ll probably start bringing over electronics).  Thursday, I hope to bring another load of stuff, and Friday the cable company is coming out.  All leading up to moving day, which is August 2nd.

Less than a month to go

Posted: July 7, 2008 in Project: Home

So, everything has basically been chuggin along here as usual.  Obviously, the move date gets closer every day.  I was going to try to push it up a week, for fear that I wouldn’t have any help on moving day, but now it sounds like I wouldn’t have help on that day, but rather on August 2nd.  I’m sure I’ll pick up the keys the night of the 30th, and probably schedule cable/internet/phone install for the 1st.

I bought a bed, pretty nice one, definitely not top of the line though.  $600.  Also bought a pot and pan set and silverware for around $200.  I think pretty much all that is left now is the little stuff.  Rugs, towels, cooking utensils, etc.  All in all, I have managed to keep it under budget, which makes me happy.  Obviously I’m pretty excited about the whole thing.

In other news, I have about two weeks left on my contract at work, so I’m sure I’ll start hearing something about the process of going permanent here rather shortly.  The guy who trained me in has now unofficially been promoted, so as if I had something to worry about, I certainly don’t now.  The job is working out really well, although with the vacation of one coworker and moving of another, I have been the only one at the help desk for about a week now.  No big deal, I’m thinking thats actually a good sign.

On the social side of life, things have been acceptably quiet as of late.  With the stresses of moving, and work keeping m busy, the last thing I really want to do at the end of the day is hang out these days.  I know for a fact that will change, but for now I don’t really have a place to hang out with friends.  So, when I do hang out, we always end up going somewhere or I go to someone else’s house.  But I am still finding the time and money to go out to eat occasionally, or go drinking, which was the case last weekend.  And I have really started developing a better relationship with my brother lately, so between all of that, I do all the “hanging out” I need.

Once I get moved in, however, I know I am going to start working on “project reconnect”.  There have been several people whom I have simply lost touch with that I would like to reach out to, especially now that I am done with school and somewhat financially stable.  This doesn’t include people who I have disconnected with on bad terms (come to think of it, I can only think of two people that happened with, my ex from 6 years ago and Sara). but I haven’t really talked to a few Chris’s, Jess, Jason, Justin, Pat, my step brother, Brian, Ryan, Todd, and I’m sure I am missing quite a few in addition to those.

So, I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll keep you posted, as I slowly box up my old life and start my new one.

There are so many things that I have laying around that I don’t use.  Some will be thrown out, some will be stored for reference (like my school books).  But rather than spending hours a night the week before I move, I am going to start packing this weekend.

The last week will be packing things that I use on a daily basis, such as my Tivo (which will likely be cancelled in favor of a DVR from the cable company, its been a good run, but my TIVO doesn’t do HD or On Demand), DVD Player, Computers, etc.  Most of the furniture is staying behind, with the exception of my computer desk.  I have this “hutch” thing that is too hard to move, a half of a 20 year old loveseat, a twin bed that I grew up in (yeah, I’m glad to have the space for a queen now!) and peices of bedroom furniture that used to belong to my sister (sad life i lead haha) that will also be staying behind. 

I’m bringing a shelf, DVD/CD rack, and my desk.

Everything else is going good, although my social front is quiet (keeping a lower profile right now anyways).  Not to say I don’t get out, I just don’t feel required to.  Hell, after a long week, it STILL feels good to curl up at home.  I’m getting old haha.

After coming accross a decent end table/coffee table combo for $20 (it pays to network) my living room is 90% furnished.  All that is left is the TV and the TV Stand.  This is a seperate, already planned for purchase, and will most likely be the most expensive one yet, looking to weigh in at $1500-$2000.  Well worth it though.  The TV is supposed to last 10 years, and is a 50 inch.  Considering that cable can run $150 a month with internet, $200 a year for a TV doesn’t seem all that bad.

(And on a side note, I won’t have to squint at subtitles).

The kitchen drawers have to be filled, along with the cupboards.  Then there is the linen closet and bathroom which will likely happen over time, and the bedroom is almost completely bare right now (aside from a bed, TV stand, and 23″ TV.  So basically, the big thing I have left is a dresser and nightstand(s).

Yeah, so I know this is extremely trivial, but I bought myself those things this weekend.  I had also hoped to get out to Bloomington to look at a bedroom set, but then realized that might be a tad optimistic, seeing as how I am running out of places to put this stuff.

Total cost of the two items?  Dirt Devil 12.5amp vacuum cleaner – $25 (used obviously, but still in excellent shape).  Floor Lamp – $10.  Its gonna look great next to the big screen.

So, all I need is a set of tables, and the furnishing of the living room will be complete.  Next week, I think I’ll pick up some kitchen stuff, and look at bedroom furniture.  So far I am managing to do this WAY under budget, yet nothing I have gotten is anything I would consider “crap”.  Now the bedroom furniture, that might not be gotten for so cheap, but at this point, the budget has also grown because I pushed it back another month.

And on tap for the last weekend of the month?  Yup, thats the weekend I pick my apartment and hopefully put in my application, so the following week I can sign the lease.

So, I thought I had found a really nice apartment that is close to work (1.5 miles to be exact).  Then I looked up the reviews.  Not one good review, due to tenants and crime.  Yuck.  See, at a place for $500 a month rent, I almost expect that.  One problem.  This place is 800.  Thats about $150 more than I had originally planned on spending, and about $100 more than I planned on.

And don’t get me wrong, I could afford it.  With gas prices the way they are, living a mile from work would more than make up the price difference.  But do I really want to spend $100 more on an apartment that is away from friends and family AND that has nothing but bad reviews?

The worst part is, ALL of the apartments under a thousand a month are like that in Eden Prairie.  And $1000 a month is a little more than I was looking to spend.  I could certainly afford it, but I want to have some breathing room for emergencies.  Not only that, but EP doesn’t have the best public transportation yet.  Not important now, but if the car breaks down or gas gets short, I still want to get around.  Shakopee (about 10 miles from work has some places for about $600, but again, bad reviews.  And if I take a job later on in any part of the metro thats not west, well, it will be difficult to get to. 

So, we are down to West Bloomington, which has 494 to deal with), Savage, Prior Lake, or Burnsville.  So, long story short, I am really considering the place in BVille again.  Close to pretty much all major roads (miles from 169, 35w, 35e, and Ceder Ave), free garabge, water, heat, (yeah most EP places make you pay that stuff) and even free A/C.  The place is under new management, and is recently renovated.  Underground parking garage, indoor and outdoor pools, and a fitness center.  All for right around $700 a month.  Shakopee had nothing that compared.  $1000 gets you most of those at an apartment complex out there.

I’d stay close to friends, but far from work, so I’m still giving it thought, but it is looking more and more tempting every day.