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Life, an update…

Posted: December 29, 2008 in @the Gym, Family, Work
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So, I realized today that I have once again really been getting bad at not stopping by here to update things on a regular basis.  My last regular post was in October, and alot has happened since then.

Obviously, I am still living on my own, and really enjoying it.  Keeping my house clean, taking care of my kitties, and all the other little stuff that comes with it has been time consuming, but very fun.  I have been rather lucky in that I have been actively employed the entire time I have been moved out, so I have paid all of my bills on time or early with a little money to spare usually.  Doing this mostly on my own, I have overcome small challenges here and there, from little things like what to buy and eat, to bigger things like getting out stains and fixing minor plumbing problems.  I still work full time at my job, and still love every minute of it.

Secondly, my Grandma did pass away at the end of October.  We had a funeral service for her, and not much more can be said.  Rest in peace, grandma, you have been and will be missed.

Third, I have finally gotten an updated camera.  Its a Canon that I picked up on Black Friday for around $200.  I’ll be posting pictures somewhere, just haven’t decided where quite yet.

Lastly I have joined a Gym.  When I quit smoking last year I put on some weight, as expected.   I have been relatively steady, but unhappy with where I sit for a long time.  So, LA Fitness moved in, and provided I get in there 12 times a month, it will only cost me $15 a month.  Small price to pay for a smaller me.  I have decided that I will go three times per week, with an optional (or make up day) on a 4th day.  No more, no less.  What usually happened in the past is that I would go 6-7 times a week and get burnt out.  This would lead to me no longer going at all.  Once I get the cardio in check, I am going to start a rotating schedule of different excercises, with the goal of keeping the workout around 45 minutes to an hour long per time.

Well, thats alot for now.  I’ll have new years resolutions (that I probably won’t keep anyways, but they are fun!) later this week or next.