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Lovin the job so far!

Posted: March 17, 2008 in Work

So, for those of you keeping track, last Thursday I started what I deemed to be the job that I wanted since the first interview.

Its going absolutely great so far.  I spend about half the day at my desk, and the other half doing face to face help desk support type stuff for the company I work for.  So far, everyone is very nice, and they have all welcomed me with open arms. 

Some of my schooling is coming in handy, while some stuff I was taught isn’t really practiced anymore.  Overall though, I’m still learning the ropes, and most of all the floorplan!  And getting used to this 8-5 thing is kinda crazy so far too, I mean I haven’t done it for so long now.  The worst thing about my job is the commute, but thats only on days like today when the weather isn’t the greatest.  Tomorrow is going to be just as bad weather wise, so I better sign off and get to bed so I can prepare for what might very well be an hour commute tomorrow.  On dry days, its about a 25 minute commute which is totally doable. 

I will likely be moving out sometime from May to July, depending on how this all shakes out, but that will only trim about 5 minutes off my commute (and likely that 5 minutes will be replaced waiting for an elevator and navigating the garage LOL).

Still, anything less than a half an hour, by my book, is OK with me.  Especially since I will have neighbors who are friends of mine, and a location that is close to things yet far away at the same time.

I start my new job tomorrow

Posted: March 12, 2008 in Work

So, after two and a half years of schoool and two months of looking, I go back to work full time tomorrow.

I couldn’t be more excited.  Like I have said before, perfect company, perfect location, perfect pay.  The opprotunity for advancement and mental growth is also very big, which is very important to me as well.

I got a job!

Posted: March 6, 2008 in Personal, Work

After nearly two months of looking daily, and three months of unemployment, today I recieved, and accepted, a job offer.  The job is for a TERRIFIC company, pay is perfect, location is perfect, and the opprotunity for growth is literally unlimited.

Tomorrow, I have to go fill out paperwork, and then once the paperwork comes back, I should start the next day.  Paperwork should take approximately two days, so I should start work as soon as next Wednesday.  I am absolutely thrilled about this opprotunity, as it will allow me to move to the apartment building I want to move to, and since the pay is a little higher than I was expecting, I should be able to still accomplish that goal by May or June.

So, I had a second interview with a company in Eden Praire that I really liked (location, people, pay everything).  The interview was with the IT director, and it seemed to go very well, so I am thinking that a job offer is right around the corner from them.

But, here’s the problem, I had a second interview with a company in Brooklyn Center that has stated they will give me an answer either way in the next 24 hours.  The pay on this one starts out a little lower, but within a year it ends out much higher.  Money is not the deciding factor for me, but getting a job sometime in the next few weeks most certainly IS.  I can tell I would be much happier at the job that pays less, but if this other job makes me an offer first, I most certainily don’t want to turn it down and risk another two months searching.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near desperate, but after 15 or so interviews, it starts to get a little exhausting, not to mention the sooner I get a job the sooner I can move out on my own, and the sooner I can start moving forward again.

So, I called the other company to let them know of this other impending offer, politely told them that I am not trying to put any un-needed pressure on them, but that I would much rather work for them, and asked them to give me a call back to discuss how likely I am to actually get the job.

Not only does sitting around all day get boring, but driving all over the metro for interview after interview gets tiresome, and I want to start moving my career forward, know what I mean?

I got a second interview!

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Computers, Work

So out of the batch of interviews that I did this week, I got a second (well technically third if you count the phone one) interview at a company that I really liked.

They wanted to bring me in first thing Monday morning too.  The first interview went for like an hour, and felt more like I was hanging out with a buddy, so I guess that ended up being a good thing.  I’m very excited about the opprotunity, and the fact that they wanted to bring me in first thing Monday morning is also probably a very good sign.

The atmosphere is great, the pay is right around what I was looking for, the location is great, and most importantly the opprotunity for personal growth is there (they told me I would get to touch pretty much every aspect of the department).

I’m excited, and should hopefully have a concrete offer from them next week should the IT manager like me.  I of course am not counting out any other opprotunity that I am persuing, but at this point I honestly think this is the one for me. 

So, out of pure curiousity, I’m wondering how long it has taken you guys to find a job.  I’m certainly not discouraged, as I have been looking for a month and have had plenty of interviews.  With that said, here’s the poll.  I’m a stats geek!


So, the interviews are really rolling in.  I had one interview Monday, one Tuesday, two phone interviews on Wednesday, I have one interview on Thursday and so far one interview next Wednesday.

I’m currently pursuing 6-7 job opprotunities, 2-3 seem VERY interested in me, so as the headline says, first come first served basically.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being cocky here.  But if a resonable offer comes along (and with this much interest, it’s hard to imagine that it won’t in the next week or two) it wouldn’t be fair to turn it down for either me or the company offering it.  I’ve been on at least a dozen interviews so far, and while I certainly like meeting and learning about all of these companies, it does begin to wear on you after a while.  So, wish me luck, and hopefully by two weeks from now I’ll be able to post some good news.

I’m getting anxious to get to work.  Not because I’m desperate for money, but because I hunger for experience, and I am bored without the challenge that a job in IT is sure to bring me.